GI Match Information

All GI Matches are Double Elimination

GI Uniform Code

  • GI’s must be of uniform colour.
  • The following colours are permitted; White, Royal Blue, and Black.
  • GI Tops and Pants of different colours are NOT permitted.
  • GI’s with collars of a different colour than the rest of the top are NOT permitted.
  • Rash guards are permitted under GI tops
  • Shirts under GI top is NOT permitted for Men, but IS permitted for Women.
  • GI’s should not exhibit mending, tears, be wet, dirty, or have an unpleasant odor.
  • Cups / Jocks are NOT permitted

GI Match Points: 

Take down 2 Points  –  Sweep 2 Points  – Knee on Belly 2 Points  –  Guard Pass 3 Points  –  Full Mount 4 Points  –  Back Mount 4 Points

No Advantage Scoring. 

GI Round Length by Age or Belt

5 – 6 Years Old – 2 Minutes 7 – 8 Years Old – 3 Minutes 9 – 15 Years Old – 4 Minutes 16 – 17 Years Old – 5 Minutes

White Belt – 5 Minutes Blue Belt – 6 Minutes Purple Belt – 7 Minutes Brown Belt – 8 Minutes Black Belt – 10 Minutes

Masters White Belt – 5 Minutes Masters Blue Belt – 6 Minutes Masters Purple Belt – 6 Minutes Masters Brown Belt – 6 Minutes Masters Black Belt – 6 Minutes  

NO-GI Match Information

Submission ONLY

Double Elimination

Submission Only divisions contain no points/ No “Advantage” scoring during the match. If no Submission takes place and no winner takes place during the Regulation time , the match is reset standing into Overtime Period. If no submission takes place and no winner takes place during the Overtime Period. The match will determined by referee decision bases solely on the Overtime period.

NO-GI Round Length By Class

Beginner 0 to 2 Years (Male / Female) 5 Minutes Regulation, 2 Minutes Overtime Intermediate 2 to 4 Years (Male) 6 Minutes Regulation, 2 Minutes Overtime Advanced 2 + Years (Female) 7 Minutes Regulation, 2 Minutes Overtime Advanced 4 + Years (Male) 7 Minutes Regulation, 2 Minutes Overtime All Masters 30 Years + Classes 5 Minutes Regulation. 2 Minutes Overtime  


Beginners: Straight Ankle Locks Only

Intermediate: Straight Ankle Locks Only

Advanced: Straight Ankle Locks, Knee Bars, Toe Holds & Knee Reaping is Allowed

Note: Heel Hooks, Calf-Slicers, Bicep Crusher, Slams , Strikes are NOT PERMITTED in any division.  

NO-GI Uniform Code

Permitted: Rashguards, Board Shorts, Vale Tudo Trunks, Spats, Joint Tape , Mouth Guards.NOT Permitted: Dirty Clothing, Clothing with Holes, Shoes, Bare chested, T-Shirts, Singles, Clothing with Pockets, Jocks and or Cups.



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